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Fifth Season

Fresh greens that actually crunch

Our internal design team worked closely together to evolve the Fifth Season branding after having been managed by an outside agency for years. We created new brand guides, packaging, social graphics, photography, campaign visuals, email marketing, and sales materials just in time to launch our salad line in Kroger.

I focused on creating a flexible brand system with accessible colors, motion, and email marketing. In addition, I created our design request process and project management system including the roll-out to our company, and training on the system itself.

I also worked closely with the Associate Art Director to concept, plan, and direct our photoshoots to create assets that we could use across all marketing channels.


Creative Director – Ben Hall

Art Director – Hannah Spencer

Assoc. Art Director – Albany Carlson



Food Styling – Quelcy Kogel

Photography – Tom McConnel & Adam Miliron