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Providing every adult learner with a pathway to a rewarding career

Thinkful (a Chegg Service), a tech bootcamp had gone through multiple 2 recent rebrands within 2 years. After the latest version, they saw a dramatic decrease in conversions for programs. I was brought in to strip back the branding and build it back up through research and user testing.

I worked closely with our designer Jackie and 2 contractors as well as our copywriting team to create an extensive brand book that became a living document for guides as well as the most up-to-date links for assets for the entire company to reference. It incorporated everything from logo usage, to detailed examples of the voice in emails, chat, and blogs. It was one of the most thorough brand guides I’ve had the pleasure to oversee and collaborate on.

From there we tested and built landing pages for our Growth team. We revamped and continuously tested new ad creative and messaging. We came up with new social pillars and content with the Social media team. We developed a new icon set and illustrations and we worked closely with engineering to redesigned the homepage.


Art Director – Hannah Spencer
Designer – Jacqueline Su
Copywriter – Abby Sanders


Designers – Bianca Gonzalez and Savannah Carlin