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Pair of Thieves

Known for their men’s socks and underwear collections, I worked in-house on the brand to oversee all digital marketing efforts, including design and launching multiple campaigns.

Working with our team of four, plus four agency partners, I reworked our digital marketing efforts, improving our e-commerce sales growth 7% YoY, while decreasing spend by 50%. This included overseeing the website site migration from Woocomerce to Shopify and shortly after, a complete redesign of our Shopify site.

Site Design + Platform migration

Our goal was to increase conversions, improve UX + UI, highlight product features, move from Woocommerce to Shopify. We did this by adding in filters, updating the navigation organization and design, swatch previews, feature call outs, and completely redesigning the layout of our product detail pages.

Restrategize digital ad platforms

Our focus was to diversify ads beyond discount-only and experiment with subjects other than Jessica Alba. We created a more diverse campaign setup with specifically targeted ads focusing on each segmented group. Our end result was an increase in ROAs by 80% across instagram and facebook platforms in addition to an increase ROAs on our other display ad networks. 

Partnership with Disney

Our first licensing project with Disney. Our goal was to increase sales across our family audience to get Mom, Dad, and Kids excited about the release of Disney’s Aladdin. 

Aladdin Campaign Results

We created a unified look that was fun and exciting across ads, email campaigns, collection pages, and social media. We saw an increase in followers + email subscribers and beat our sales goals by 20%.