Mirabella Beauty


Mirabella was focused on creating more content for their users and enhancing their social media strategy through quizzes, video tutorials, and giveaways. Content strategy was a major factor in the layout of Mirabella’s new website and displaying all the possibilities with a clean hierarchy allowed the user to find what they needed as well as peruse all Mirabella had to offer.

Appealing to their audience, primarily 14-30 yr olds, the style of the website was chosen to showcase the graphic and bold elements of Mirabella’s make-up and photography. Bright colors, with a flat, modern style shows off the products while creating a brand personality.

Bold, fresh, and independent, Mirabella now has a personality that is cohesive with their makeup style and values. They continue to produce exceptional content and the website allows them to update regularly to engage with their users.