Branding the face of your business

A business without a brand is a lot like a face is in a mask. They might have all the right parts: a storefront, a website, social media platforms but no person, no face, that you can identify as the owner.

People don’t connect with just the brand; they connect with the people who make the brand, who make the decisions, who make trust a priority, and who they can put a face to.

People start to develop brand loyalty when they have an emotional connection with a brand. Big brands rely on two factors: convenience and trust. Convenience is obvious – if the brand is large enough, they probably have multiple locations which make it easy for the consumer to interact with the business. When it comes to trust, a large brand has an asset that gives them the upper hand on a smaller business just starting out: their track record. Many people buy from a big brand without complaints or issues simply because it has stood the test of time. As a new business, you won’t have a track record to rely on, instead, you’ll need an emotional connection with your customers.

Emotional responses cannot be created through text, links, case studies, or statistics. Those are rational factors. People respond to and create a connection through faces. They recognize them much more readily than a symbol. Faces jog memories years down the road. Can you say that much for a brand you bought socks from once?

You didn’t start a business because you wanted to be safe or to follow the norm. Ultimately, if you are the one that makes your brand and business unique, you should introduce yourself and allow yourself to be a visible component. Interacting with customers, creating a strong about page, and writing a business blog are just a couple of ways you can start showing your face to your audience.


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