Cohesive Design and Development

Yes, she can do both! There is huge advantage to contracting your design and development to one person. By handcrafting every stage of your website, from font selection to user experience, Hannah guarantees a unified vision throughout your site build.


    She’s Passionate about Your Project

    Or she wouldn’t be working with you. Hannah is committed to hard work and fostering a positive collaborative experience. She chooses to work with individuals, businesses, and groups who exhibit similar professional values. Explore her roster of amazingly kind and talented clients here: View the case study »


    testimonialimg"We were looking for someone who shared our passion for empowering  communities. Hannah helped us find our voice, network with other advocates and fans through social media to make our goals a reality." - Jennifer Kutzleb


      The Power of Simple Design

      Hannah has always been drawn to clean, functional designs and built her reputation on her minimalist style. She approaches each site build as a Content Strategist, with your brand personality and positioning strategy at the forefront of her process. View the case study »


      "A BIG thank you from the Gutanga team! You really came through and helped us out. We are very please with the results" - Stuart Cornutt

        Business owner meet brand. Brand meet business owner. We think you’ll get along.

        Your brand is new to the world, and perhaps, still a bit shy. It may not always know the right things to say or colors to wear, but that doesn’t mean it can’t find its way.

        With her knack for simple design and positioning strategy, Hannah Spencer, encourages your brand to smile for the camera and look its very best.

        Hannah Spencer is a Los Angeles-based Graphic Designer/Developer and Content Strategist. She loves what she does, just as much as she loves a well-brewed cup of coffee, and she’s eager to build your brand from the font up. She has extensive agency and consulting experience and is paving a niche for herself in the untapped world of creative strategy.

        Who else can design your site, build it, and then send it around the web? Yes, Hannah bakes you your gluten free cake, and let’s you eat it too.

        As a business owner, you have employees to manage, manufacturers to deal with, numbers to crunch, and growth to seek out. Finding a face and voice for business may be at the bottom of your to-do list, but it certainly shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your business is growing, and so should your brand. If you’re in need of web design, development, or brand personality consultation, feel free to reach out to Hannah by phone, email, or stalking her on the web. She looks forward to hearing from you.