I work with people who bust their butts to get their dreams off the ground. I’m the person you can quietly lean on to get the work done quickly and efficiently with no BS because let’s be honest, who’s got time for that?

Here’s what I do. I thrive on simplicity and drink minimalism for breakfast (also known as black coffee). My common sense approach is to look at a project as if I’ve never known the brand or product before and ask the questions their audience would ask. I work with my clients to narrow the focus of what they want and need and create actionable steps to get there.

Having worked with big agencies, I’ve seen clients treated as “processes” and “one among many.” I want to know you on a human level. What makes you tick, what you’ve done, and why you keep going.

“We’re so happy to work with Hannah. We come back to work with her again and again and it’s refreshing to get real help.“

– Trillium Wood Farm

If you want to..

• Promote your new business or product
• Emphasize your expertise, authority, and personality
• Focus your message to create a strong connection with your audience
• Engage with your audience to create a loyal community

I’ll combine my love for simplicity and my nerdy passion for analytics, data, and code to create a web presence that will get you results.

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